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We’ve been watching a lot of Disney movies lately. Our kids are in that sweet toddler phase where they want to watch the same ones again and again and again, which means we’ve become more intimately acquainted with some of these films than we ever expected. 

To be honest, I really don’t mind—I enjoy seeing the movies through my children’s eyes and experiencing them anew. (The Mary Poppins phase was particularly magnificent, though I also enjoyed the Tangled and The Princess and the Frog phases.) 

Now, my kids have discovered the joy of soundtracks: we listen to Frozen every night at dinner, and my 3-year-old excuses herself to go stand on her kitchen helper stool (which she calls “the North Mountain”) to sing “Let it Go.” 

The music has a way of infusing even everyday situations, like dinnertime or a drive in the car, with a little bit of magic. But sometimes, you want that special Disney touch without all the theatrics and words.  Enter piano renditions of Disney favorites: all of the magic, but with a sense of calm. 

Whether the background to a peaceful dinner or a day at the office, may these songs remind you that you can go the distance—and that sometimes, wishes and dreams do come true.