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Elevating the everyday pieces in our life can have a significant impact on how we feel on a day-to-day basis. Whether this is upping your table setting by plating your dinner on heirloom china on a Wednesday night or carefully selecting household items that may take longer to arrive instead of quickly ordering what’s available for delivery tomorrow, putting a little extra care and attention into the everyday details can have a huge impact on how we feel overall.

One everyday item whose function is often prioritized over form is . . . the trash can! Instead of choosing a wastebasket that simply does the job, think about how this household necessity can act as a decor piece in itself. Upgrade your spaces with the options below.

01. In the den

Crinkle baskets are a great option for this space as they act as an easy recycling bin for tossing old newspapers, printer paper, etc. Visually, they have an effortless, relaxed feel. Sometimes, understated pieces add the cool factor you didn’t even know was missing. 


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