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Inspired by author Gretchen Rubin’s declaration that September is “the other January,” we at Verily embrace the notion that fall offers an opportunity to start anew. As children, this fresh start looked like sharpened pencils, back-to-school shopping, and crisp notebooks. As adults, it likely looks different, but there are still ample opportunities to breathe new life into our schedules and routines.

Our workweeks often bring this desire for newness into sharp relief. After the heat and languor of the summer months, a cool fall can infuse our days with new energy and inspire us to set new goals, pursue big dreams, and turn the page on our past habits that, just maybe, did not serve us as well as they could have.

Even if our lives and our schedules lack this sense of newness, though, there are tiny tweaks we can make to bring a bit more energy, inspiration, and loveliness to our days as we embrace the spirit of fall. Here are a few ideas.


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