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Pizza Crust

Source: King Arthur Baking Company | Total Time: 3 hours 8 minutes | Serves: 12

Notes: I love this pizza crust recipe for its flexibility, both on timing and on the number, size, and shape of the pizzas you make with it! If you’re new to yeast-based doughs, this is a good place to start—not only is it a fairly unfussy dough, the recipe includes very specific instructions for each step (I particularly enjoyed the recommendation to put olive oil on the pan for a tastier and crunchier crust). Of course, you’ll need to add your favorite pizza toppings to your shopping list, as this recipe is only for the dough. One 14-oz jar of pizza sauce is good for one pizza, and a 26-oz jar of pasta sauce will probably have you covered for two.

– Laura Loker

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