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Reader submission: Like many Millennials, I joined the Joanna Gaines all-gray train and love my Revere Pewter interiors. However, now that I have enjoyed this look for some time, I’m ready to add some pops of color. How do I choose a color? How do I choose which wall to paint? – Catherine

When it comes to spaces, what draws in the eye more immediately than an accent wall? In this week’s edition of Verily Home, we are exploring popular accent wall types to consider for your own home. We will also provide you with tools for thinking about how you can find and create a wall of visual interest so you can better understand the potential of transforming not only the space itself, but also the rooms adjacent to it.

Selecting a wall

The first order of business is to select a wall. Depending on the room you are working on, determine which one would make the most sense as a main focal point. For a bedroom, the wall behind the bed is an obvious focal point. For a living space, however, it may be less obvious. This is subjective and dependent on how your room is laid out, from structural features in place (i.e. fireplace, doorways, windows) to the current space plan of furniture pieces. 

In the image above, the selected accent wall for the office space even draws one’s eye from the dining room, which is two rooms away. Whether this was intentional or not, this is part of the whole-picture thought process we want to propose. An accent wall doesn’t just draw the eye to one room and one room only, but even from adjacent rooms as well. It’s a technique to literally move a person from one room to the next. 

As we move on, keep in mind three design principles: emphasis, movement, and proportion. Emphasis is the focal point, or the significance you see in the space. Movement is how your eye moves through the composition of the room. Finally, proportion is the balance in a space created by the shape, size, and number of design elements. 


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