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From our inboxes to our social feeds to our news apps, our experience of the internet is often simply content overload.

So when a friend texts an article and says, “You’ll like this!” or sends you her latest running playlist, it’s even more than a great recommendation with your preferences in mind (though that alone is quite valuable); it saves you the time and frustration of looking for it yourself.

Last year, we introduced the “May We Recommend” section into our daily newsletter. It featured articles we loved from elsewhere on the web, many of which were the same ones we’d texted our friends, emailed our siblings, or discussed as a team.

But starting today, “May We Recommend” will be a newsletter itself, delivered to your inbox every Friday morning. And not only will it include the articles we’ve been reading lately, it will feature our favorite memes, playlists, and other worthwhile little pieces of the internet.

Our desire is for this newsletter to feel as personal as that text from your friend—because that’s how we’ve always seen our conversation at Verily.

View the first edition here—and if you’d like to get the next one in your inbox, subscribe to join us