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In college, I wrote a paper about the refrain of an ancient Anglo-Saxon poem: “That passed over, so can this.” As the Anglo-Saxons knew so long ago, everything we experience in life—whether good or bad—eventually comes to an end. In a year that’s been undeniably difficult for everyone, it’s sometimes hard to believe that “this too shall pass,” but as summer begins to turn into fall and we all gear ourselves up for the next few months, whatever they bring, I’ve found myself meditating on the temporary nature of the human experience.

This week, we have two women reflecting on the meaning of moving in their lives, offering their thoughts from the threshold between the end of life in one place and the beginning of life in a new place. Even with the challenges that come from endings and new beginnings, it’s helpful to stay grounded in the present moment—whether that’s by taking a moment to look back on your past week, indulging in a hobby like art, or decorating your home, however temporary it might be—and we’ll have pieces this week about all these topics. I’ve felt drawn lately to dwell more in the present, noticing the cooling weather around me, the sense of expectation and excitement in the air as colleges and schools lay their plans, the amazing gumption of the human race as we double down our efforts to build meaningful lives for ourselves amidst so many still-open questions.

In 2020, it can feel like everything is moving by us more quickly than we could possibly have imagined, or it can feel like we’re stuck in a rut. But let’s remember our friends the Anglo-Saxons: this is merely a season, and it will pass away, both good and bad. It’s time to seize the moment that has been given to us.

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