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The right combination of spices can really elevate a dish. But keeping all those spices organized, well, that can be a challenge. 

My own collection of spices used to be rather modest. When my husband and I were first married, I kept my staple spices in a single IKEA spice rack next to the stove. The few that didn’t fit rested in a basket in a nearby cupboard. But over the years, my collection has grown, and when we moved into our most recent apartment, I decided to house all my spices in one large basket on a shelf in the pantry. It was a charming idea in theory, my spice basket. But I didn’t think to label the tops of the jars (until recently), which meant I had to go on quite a hunt to find what I needed. And when I got so many that I had to start stacking jars, I finally decided to find a new system. I ordered more spice racks and brought order to the chaos, freeing up some shelf space in the process. 

Though having a mess of spices is more of a minor inconvenience than a major clutter issue, it’s still worth addressing. Having an orderly collection can help streamline cooking, and make it easier to check inventory before a grocery run. Additionally, well-organized spices are a joy to look at. 

Here are a few considerations to make as you organize your own spice collection, along with some inspiration. 


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