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It includes articles we loved from elsewhere on the web—many of which are the same ones we’ve texted our friends, emailed our siblings, or discussed as a team. (And it’s not only articles—we throw in the occasional video, book, or song recommendation, too.)

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“Intention, Not Time, Heals All Wounds” / Darling

In a poem entitled “Spring Cleaning,” Mikayla Matheson reflects on a path to healing.

“Time heals all wounds.

Is that true?

Perhaps we should say,

Time with a bit of effort—”

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“6 Reasons We Get So Tired When Working from Home” / Fast Company

If you’re working from home, and you’ve been feeling more tired, you’re not alone. Gwen Moran explains why our disrupted routines can take a toll on our mental and physical health.

“It might seem counterintuitive,” she writes. “After all, the commute to the office is now a walk down the hallway. But experts say it’s not that simple and there are other factors leading to our exhaustion. Here are six, as well as some insight about what you can do about them.”

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“Find Poetry in the Pages of a Newspaper” / The New York Times

Leah Umansky demystifies poetry-writing with an approachable exercise: cut out your words from a newspaper or magazine.

“The hardest part about writing a poem is choosing the right words,” she explains. “A found poem is created by cutting and pasting words found in another text; your text will be a newspaper or magazine. You will steal words you like by cutting them out and pasting them on a sheet of paper. But wait, you might be asking, what makes a strong poem? A poem is an experience, and a poem is a grouping of words that makes the reader feel something.”

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“Encyclopedia of Houseplants” / Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy offers a valuable resource for the aspiring houseplant-owner: a list of dozens of houseplants and how to care for them.

“From African violets TO ZZ plants, here's our ultimate A to Z reference for how to take care of (just about) any type of houseplant.”

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