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In many aspects of life, our mother’s habits, preferences, and tastes tend to influence our own. This can even extend to the way we design our homes. For instance, we may lean toward the style of the home we grew up in, incorporate designs that remind us of our moms, or rely on lessons they instilled in us when setting up our homes.

As you look around your own home, understanding the ways in which your mom’s style may have influenced yours can help you feel more connected to her—despite what your relationship with her was or is like. Intentionally connecting aspects of your style to hers or reflecting on how she has even unintentionally influenced your design choices may increase your appreciation for your mom and make living in your home feel more meaningful—feeling like you have a piece of your mom, your family, your childhood right here and now.

Her style, your style

Beyond the nostalgia that might get stirred up by our moms’ particular styles, psychologically, we also tend to gravitate toward what we have seen before. This is known as the mere exposure effect. Thanks to this effect, we may implicitly prefer design choices that we unconsciously recognize from our youth. For example, if your mom liked the timeless look of neutral colors, that may be what you prefer. If she used Persian-style rugs, that may be what you gravitate toward, too. 


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