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It’s common practice these days to hold your hard-earned paychecks in various accounts at financial institutions, rather than beneath your mattress. But with so many options available in your community and nationwide, how do you know which is the best home for your cash?

Here are seven questions to ask yourself as you navigate the waters of banking so your money can best serve where you are right now and get you where you want to be down the line.

01. What services do you need today?

You might simply be looking for somewhere to direct deposit your checks from work. But maybe you’re also ready to start a savings account. (Stay tuned for more on choosing a savings account in a future edition of Verily Cents.) Or maybe you’re shopping for a bank that can service your business.

These options are available at community banks, nationwide banks, and credit unions, which can make the decision feel overwhelming. Articulating what you need before you speak with an associate can help ensure you get everything you’re looking for.


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