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Countertops and tables tend to be collection spots for various items, from books and candles to perfume and jewelry. These items may be there as a decor element, like magazines on a coffee table, or they may be there out of practicality, like nail polish on the bathroom counter. In either case, when items start to accumulate atop a table, countertop, or dresser, that surface can begin to look messy. Decorative trays not only serve as stylish accents that add color, texture, and dimension to a space, but also serve an organizational purpose, bringing order to otherwise cluttered areas.


Maybe the top of the dresser in your room is immaculate, with no clutter in sight. Maybe you prefer to have some free space on your dresser for piles of folded clothes waiting to be sorted, but there are a few miscellaneous items chronically strewn across it. Or, maybe your dresser-top functions as a makeshift vanity, with a mirror and some of your oft-used toiletries.

Whatever the case may be, decorative trays can add the dimension your empty dresser needs, or organize the items you already keep there. Antique-looking mirrored trays provide a pretty home to perfumes and colognes, reflecting their glass bottles and making them look classy instead of cluttered, as shown above.


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