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Reader Submission: Its a busy area. The back door is in that room, and everyone is in and out all day to play in the yard or get to the car. We also have the kids backpacks hung up on temporary hooks there . . . I'd like to see this room come together, as right now we hardly use it since it doesnt draw us in. – Laura

Sitting down to dinner in a beautiful, inviting space is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s an experience I’ve come to savor even more these past few months, as this meal brings a sense of celebration and closure to my days.

While some homes have a dedicated dining room set apart from everything else, others have a dining area that functions as a multi-purpose room—a work-from-home space, a homework spot, a storage area for backpacks and purses and coats, or simply a busy place in an open concept home. But with a little creativity and organization, even a dining area with other purposes can tastefully fill all your needs. 

By putting attention into the functionality and design of your dining room, you’ll create a space in which you’ll want to linger long after your meal is finished. 

01. Define your vision

Before you begin choosing pieces for your space, take time to craft your vision for the room. Do you want your dining room to be warm and inviting, or moody and modern? Look to Pinterest, Instagram, home decor magazines, and blogs to determine the look and feel you are drawn to. Create a vision board for the space by gathering images, textures, and paint swatches that inspire you.


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