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Abbey Road isn’t the most critically acclaimed record of the Beatles’—though it comes in at an impressive number 14 on the Rolling Stones’ Top 500 Albums list, it falls behind Sgt. Pepper, Revolver, Rubber Soul, and The White Album (all in the top ten)—but it’s certainly among the most popular. When someone mentions the Beatles, its iconic cover art is often the first thing to come to mind.

This playlist features its songs in order, played instrumentally by a variety of musicians in a variety of styles. There’s an acoustic guitar take on “Octopus’s Garden,” a string quartet version of “Here Comes the Sun,” and a smooth jazz cover of “I Want You.” There’s even an electronic, jazzy version of “Her Majesty” (which—at four minutes long—is about ten times the length of the original song).

And with no distracting (if exquisite) vocals, it makes a good companion to your workday. Enjoy.