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When a Broadway show begins, curtains are pulled open. When the show concludes, curtains are drawn. In homes, I like to think of curtains and the role they play during the beginning and end not of a show, but a day. After sunrise, I open our curtains to acknowledge a new day, frame the outdoor scene, and of course, allow daylight in. After sunset, I draw the curtains. For me, it’s a figurative way to close the day. Whether they are hung for privacy, light filtration, or purely aesthetic reasons, curtains set the stage.

Curtains also add a sense of completeness to a room. That final touch, combined with their functionality, makes curtains a classic design component. This edition of Verily Home will touch on certain curtain styles and looks, as well as practical considerations, such as what size curtains work best for your space and how high to hang them. 


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