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I was listening to a TED Talk about resilience the other day, and one thing struck me as so obvious, yet so profound: at one point or another, we all face hardships. As much as we might cling to the ideal of a perfect life, there’s no escaping the fact that struggles will come. I realize that may sound like a dismal outlook, but as resilience researcher Lucy Hone (who has also had to grapple with tragedy herself) explained in her talk, simply knowing that hardship is a fact of life can help us overcome even the most trying times.

This week’s content examines some of life’s difficulties and the process of working through them.

In “Consider This,” a single woman and a married woman reflect on their experiences with loneliness and connection. In “Making of a Mom,” a reader reflects on the hard parts of motherhood and how they are an opportunity to love.

Another piece focuses on embracing the temporary and takes a look at making the most of where we are—even if it’s not where we thought or hoped we’d be. We also have a therapist weighing in on dealing with unmet expectations and lost plans in the context of COVID-19. She reminds us that we can grieve what we’ve lost while at the same time taking action on things we can control.

On a more sobering note, we’ll also be taking a look at the growing traction against sex trafficking.

While powering through struggles, big or small, will always be a challenge, it's worth it. The articles this week remind us that while life is a challenge, it's worthwhile to rise to the occasion. As another piece will explore, even the simple act of choosing our clothes can help us do that. Although we may dismiss fashion as a shallow topic, it’s an important form of communication—not just in the way we communicate to others, but in the way we see ourselves. Or, as the writer of the piece puts it, “Our clothing has the power to help us be more of who we are.

Whatever you are facing these days, know that you can get through it. And if you’d like to share what you’re doing to care for your emotional health when life feels overwhelming, we’d love to hear from you.