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When I was a kid, I loved to draw what I called “heart people.” They were hearts with arms and legs, eyes under both curves at the top, and—of course—a wide smile. (This is the closest approximation a quick Google image search had to offer.)

My drawings proceeded from a fondness for all things cute and smiling, but in retrospect, they communicated something about the human person. Our hearts matter; in fact, they’re an irreplaceable part of who we are. And often, they’re so big that they make us vulnerable.

This week, our content takes a tender approach. One woman recounts her story of learning to risk opening her heart in our “Dating Unscripted” column. In another piece, an author recommends tools to take care of your mental and emotional health if therapy isn’t an option. An article on adoption offers sensitive terminology on the topic that honors all parties involved. A longform piece considers the emotional perils of the influencer-follower relationship on Instagram. And in our “Making of a Mom” column, a new mother reflects on what the transformative love of motherhood has taught her.

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