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If there’s something these past months and weeks have forced many people around the world to do, it’s to look at things from a different perspective. Life in the context of a virus wreaking havoc on vulnerable populations around the world; limits on everything from simple comforts to essential funds, from spare time to human touch.

This week at Verily, we continue exploring these themes that are as fitting for the current moment as they are timeless.

In one article this week, a writer explores how the pandemic has provided the globe with a priceless moment of unprecedented togetherness—that we are all indiscriminately affected by a novel virus has put us all in a challenging state, even if it plays out uniquely in our lives. Along the journey together, we all earn the opportunity to grow in empathy toward one another’s situations.

Speaking of universal experiences, many of us have seen the pandemic change the way we looked at small but essential aspects to our daily lives—from our homes to our food. “As someone who lives alone, my dining room went largely unused,” another writer explains this week in an At Home With Her column. “But once quarantine became a reality, the previously neglected space quickly became the place where I spend the majority of my week.” We also share an article on how to rethink fresh food by adding some frozen staples to our routine. Another writer explores the bullet journal trend as applicable to any notebook she chooses to adapt it to—revolutionizing how she sees her day-to-day and month-to-month.

More deeply, our Consider This column explores the ways the way priorities have shifted in our lives since quarantine, including appreciating leisure anew. A married woman explores how being forced to cancel her travel and spend more time with her kids has led her to question the value of keeping busy and learn how to be present in slower moments. Similarly, a single woman explores how this socially distanced time has invited her to “reassess what really brings me joy, what makes me feel refreshed, what makes life good.”

No matter what our walks of life, the universal challenges of 2020 have posed moments for all of us to reconsider how we see things—and what changed things we’d like to return to the way they were and what changes we’d like to stay. Here’s to the universal journey, as applied in our individual lives.