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Summertime always seems to bring a certain lightness into life, doesn’t it? Clothing is breezier. Meals are fresher and lighter. The sun lingers longer, but our working hours seem to shorten. People everywhere collectively follow a social contract that says, in the summertime, we don’t take life too seriously.

When I still worked in a traditional office, summer was my favorite time to be an employee because it meant that everyone in the firm was, for the most part, in a good mood (which, given the high-stress nature of our work, wasn’t always the case). We would routinely shut the office down at 4 p.m., enjoy long lunches outside, and swap vacation stories. 

Admittedly, this is not true of every workplace. Some offices see an uptick in work during the summer, while others adopt a “business as usual” approach no matter the season. Regardless, there are still small ways we can summon summer’s lightness. Here are just a few.

Pack a seasonal lunch

To start, bring some of the sunshine inside by packing a light, seasonal lunch. Even though our modern food industry makes it possible for us to eat whatever we want, when we want it, there is something natural and restorative about eating with the local seasons: not only is it better for our budgets, our health, and the environment, but it can bring flavor to our tired lunchtime routines. Imagine, for instance, having grilled peaches or a summer salad to look forward to when you take your lunch break. Sure beats another day of PB and J, doesn’t it? 


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