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Name: Margaret Handel

Place: Home Sweet Home

An ideal place to wait out the weird vibes of the COVID-19 pandemic, Home Sweet Home boasts the many joys of travel in one place! Eat, sleep, and shop your closet all within your own four virus-free walls.

Where should we stay?

Home, in one of our three bedrooms! My personal favorite is the Guest Bedroom: Lined with pale peach stucco walls and gilded embellishments, it’s one of the coziest spots to get a good night’s sleep in the house!


Where should we eat?

The Kitchen: A fun place to stand around and munch on snacks while you wait for your hot chocolate in the microwave!

The Dining Room: A formal dining experience, with access to the Living Room and great views through the windows into the front and side yards. The potted plants on the table by the window also offer a great opportunity to spy on the mailman as he delivers your fourth Amazon package of the week.

Which coffee mugs are the best and why?

The Polish Mug: I love these hand-painted Polish coffee mugs for their whimsical colors and large capacity. They make every drink feel fun and unique!


The Green Glaze Mug: This monochromatic glaze on this mug really accentuates the molded ceramic details underneath. I love the feel of it, especially on cool spring mornings.


What sights should we see?

The Mug Cupboard: A little hole-in-the-wall place adjacent to the Dining Room, the Mug Cupboard displays some of our favorite family memorabilia: annual souvenir mugs from the German Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) in Chicago!


The Built-In Bookshelves: A wonderful spot to find something to read, these shelves are as old as the house and one of the locals’ favorite places to browse.


The Study Corner: For those times that you need more than six-feet of social distance, the Study Corner is a great little hideaway. Natural light from the leaded-glass window enhances the wooden desk, making it the perfect place to read, to write, and to plan for all the places you’ll go and people you’ll see when quarantine is behind us.