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If your social media feed and inboxes are anything like ours, they’re likely saturated with inspiration for incorporating beauty and simplicity into your daily life. And if your life is anything like the lives of the Verily team, things like time, budgets, and energy can interfere with your ability to integrate all the lovely ideas you desire into your daily life.

Verily has always existed to facilitate deeper connections between a woman and the things that are most meaningful to her. So when our editorial team considered how we’d build a sustainable publication, we knew any product we offered our community needed to make a woman’s life simpler and more beautiful, and it needed to be able to fit into her life.

With that in mind, we have something new we’re excited to share with you.

You’ve likely heard us talk about Verily Yours, our membership program, which was designed to help lift the mental load from everyday life, from planning meals and organizing our homes to being wise with money and facing the work week with confidence and calm. But more than just lifting the load, it also makes that load more bearable (and dare we say beautiful?). It helps us see the extraordinary in the ordinary, find meaning in the mundane, and view everyday tasks as forms of self-care.

Until now, this membership has only been available in email newsletters. But with the same spirit of wanting to make everyday life simpler, more beautiful, and more restorative for you, we’re pleased to announce the Verily Yours Collection. It’s a beautiful website featuring all of the Verily Yours content, from the very first editions to the each new one. 

A screenshot of the Verily Yours Collection

A screenshot of the Verily Yours Collection

The website was designed with members’ needs in mind. While new editions of Verily Yours will still be delivered via email each week, members will no longer have to search their email folders to refer back to an old favorite edition, or open up multiple editions of Verily Table to find that recipe they wanted to try. Through the website, members have easy access to all archived content.

When you’re planning meals, you can rely on our virtual recipe box from Verily Table, which features curated recipes we and our subscribers have made in our own kitchens. When you’re struggling to manage your to-do list, you can peruse Verily Work for new strategies to try. Verily Home can guide you through picking a new rug, organizing your dresser, or hosting a party. And when you need the kind of insight you’d get from a financially savvy friend, you need only look through Verily Cents.

Members can also bookmark recipes, podcasts, and any Verily Yours editions they want to return to later, and find them saved on their “My Collection” page.

We hope the Verily Yours Collection is a place of respite, a little corner of the internet where women can rest and be inspired. And we’re extending our warmest invitation for you to join the Verily Yours community. In doing so, you’ll be supporting our mission and helping sustain our publication.

Subscribe to Verily Yours and get access to the Verily Yours Collection for $7.99/month or $60/year. Both plans come with a FREE 30-day trial period

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We couldn’t run Verily without you; we wouldn’t want to even if we could.

*Note: Subscribers to individual newsletters do not have access to the Verily Yours Collection. If you subscribe to only one newsletter but would like to upgrade your subscription, click here. Your card will be charged a prorated amount to reflect what you've already paid toward a monthly or annual plan.