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Tell us about your favorite spot in your home. Why is it your favorite spot?

My favorite spot at home is our cozy little pink couch and book nook.


Is there a particular story about how this spot came to be arranged/decorated the way it is? Are there any particular pieces that have significant history to you or your family?

The tiny couch that now sits in our living room was made in 1955, according to the original tags on the bottom. It is technically a sectional, but not like any that I had ever seen before when I found it in an antique shop 60 years after it was made. The center piece is curved to seat two; then there are two large matching mobile sections. The wooden legs and curved front pieces are carved in grapes and leaves. I owned it for a year before my fiancé and I got married and were able to get our own place. It turned out to be the perfect fit for our first tiny apartment. The pink, tiny, fifties sectional became our little newlywed couch; we read Lovecraft, Chesterton, Braun, Koontz, and other favorite authors together in that nook. We wrote and edited our own works. We shared movies and music there, too.

We started growing our understanding of how we worked together creatively on that little pink sectional. If you want to test your communication skills, I challenge you to write a full-length musical with your best friend! It was the hardest thing my husband and I have ever done together. The book nook was decorated with a kissing bell from our wedding, a plaque with my favorite verse, a bookend from England, and pillows made by my grandmother and great-grandmother. Everyone I love knows I’m always cold, so a cozy basket of blankets made by my aunt, my sister-in-law, cousin, and friends is tucked behind the sectional. We rest our feet on a cedar chest, banded with black metal straps. We write on that chest, we stack our books on it, and we sometimes share a meal on it.

Have there been particularly inspiring or moving moments in this corner of your home? Or, is there a particular feeling you get when you are in this space in your house?

When I sit down here to write, I am primarily thankful. We’ve shared so many cozy, restful, and fun moments on our tiny pink couch. At the end of the day, when the work is over, it’s where we sit and talk, relax, share dessert and good memories. I think of the desserts we’ve shared here; we like to try out ice cream recipes and then share a bowl together. We’ve gotten pretty good at making our own chocolate mint ice cream. Perhaps the point is that we don’t need much to be happy: just to care for someone else.