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It’s been a difficult few weeks. Of the many new realities we’re collectively adjusting to, a prominent one is handling the emotional toll of the COVID-19 crisis.

This playlist offers accompaniment through the ups and downs of weathering a pandemic, from the disappointments that 2020 has wrought so far (“Not Your Year”) to the departure from normal life (“Eet”) to getting too wrapped up in the news (“Free My Mind”) to the unsettling quiet outside our doors (“Birdsong”) to the sheer tragedy of the crisis (“Laughing With”).

Listen through to the end, or you’ll miss the uplifting notes the playlist ends on, like our collective solidarity (“You’re Not Alone”) and, perhaps most importantly, the strength of our human connection (“How Loud Your Heart Gets”). As Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius sing powerfully:

“Nobody knows how loud your heart gets

“‘Cause we’re a million miles away but I still hear you.”