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It seemed as though as soon the quarantine started, influencers were encouraging us to make the best of this time by baking, cleaning, organizing, and doing any other projects that can make our spaces feel more like home. For some people, projects around the home were the best way to cope. For others, the new routines mixed with the anxiety of the times made it difficult to lean into activities like those. For all of us, the concept of “staying home” took on a new meaning.

I’m someone who loves home projects like cooking, improving home decor, and organizing, but I didn’t immediately turn to home projects during quarantine. I was too busy adjusting my mind to the great unknowns COVID-19 created. However, as I’ve reminded myself that I have absolutely no control over the things that I was worrying about, I’ve leaned into new rituals at home—a new nightly routine of reading and journaling in an armchair in my bedroom, keeping fresh flowers on my table, and burning Anthropologie candles a bit more often. In the process, I have discovered that simply being at home is just as important for my restoration as doing things at home, like cooking and cleaning.

This week at Verily, we’re looking at the many meanings of home—we have a “When She Knew”column about how a feeling of being home solidified one woman’s love for her husband. We’ve also got a piece about kid-friendly furniture, and we’ve temporarily changed our “Travel with a Local” column to “Staying Home With a Local,” for a bit of humor about adventures in quarantine. Also, in a new Verily Daily section, “Over a Cup of Coffee,” we’re talking about what we’ll do when we can safely leave our homes—we’d love to have you join the conversation!

As always, we’re interested in hearing what you’re thinking about, whether it’s the meaning of home or something else that’s on your mind. We hope Verily feels like a home on the internet for you.