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In the age of quarantine, it’s funny how small talk has changed. “How are you doing?” almost seems to carry a tinge of, “How are you coping?”

“Get out in this good weather!” one friend shared in a girlfriend group chat one Monday in March. “Getting outside has kept me from turning into Cruella Deville on the daily,” she shared with a funny meme. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it until the whirlwind of dinner time, when I’d already lost my head to a growing mane of white and black hair. The next day, I got outside as soon as I could and was practically Aurora singing with the birds. Sometimes it’s the simple things that keep us grounded.

This week's content at Verily touches on different forms of healthy and unhealthy coping, not just during a pandemic, but during any season of life. We have a piece on the joy of long walks—just reading it may make it easier for you to throw on that spring scarf and step out the door. Knowing how much our minds are taxed these days, we have a lovely piece on recipes that are so easy you can commit them to memory. It’s the kind of piece that can make preparing a meal feel less like following a to-do list and more like a form of self-care.

We also have a long-form piece on the “sober curious” phenomenon—a trend that was growing before the COVID-19 crisis hit—exploring the gray area of a relationship with alcohol that is not quite an addiction. It takes a close look at the use of alcohol to cope and is worth the read and share.

Speaking of unhealthy coping mechanisms, the world’s largest porn site, Pornhub, is using the occasion of worldwide loneliness to try to get more people to log on for impersonal sexual binges. You can read my thoughts on that this week, as well.

As you make your way through the pandemic one day at a time, know at Verily you’re not alone. Just by thinking about these things together, we can make next week better than last week; tomorrow better than yesterday; and now better than before.

P.S. The practice of taking one day at a time couldn’t feel more real these days.

As you may know, we at Verily have started a “Keeping Calm During Covid-19” newsletter to provide the important news you need to know (just the facts), along with a little levity for the journey.