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It didn’t take long after quarantine measures began for the memes to start circulating. This is 2020, and if the internet has one collective coping mechanism for a catastrophe of this magnitude, it’s irreverent humor.

We laugh because we relate: the cabin fever, the existential boredom, the disillusionment with 2020. The confused sense of time. (Subscribe to our daily “Keeping Calm” newsletter for more memes, COVID news, and interesting reads.)

And yet, even though we’re facing the same external crisis, our personal experiences of it vary quite a bit.

The challenges of quarantining as a single woman living alone are vastly different than those of a mother with a house full of suddenly-homeschooled kids, for example, and we’ll explore both in our “Consider This” column later this week. In another piece, a therapist advises how to proceed if conflicting definitions of “social distancing” threaten the peace in a friendship. Today, the Verily editors have written what we’re most looking forward to when our lives regain some semblance of normalcy—and even in that, each response is unique.

Keep an eye out for some non-COVID pieces this week, too, like a thoughtful take on contentment in a “keeping up” culture and a reflection on what past friendships can teach us.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. How are you managing these days, whether at home or on the front lines? Tell us here (and your response may be used in a future Keeping Calm newsletter).