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While we were collectively glued to the news last week, spring quietly arrived.

I’d been noticing the little pink flower buds on the trees behind our house for a couple weeks, the hints of green on the brush below where there’d once only been a wintry gray. Then—a patch of daffodils. Cotton-white flowers on the neighbor’s tree. A warm, sunny sky that lasted well into the evening.

Whatever else may be happening outside our front doors, the world is still spinning.

Here at Verily, we’re not going to avoid writing about COVID-19. (In fact, last week we began a daily newsletter about it, if you’re so inclined.) But we’re not going to focus all our energy on it, either. Finding a new normal is about more than learning to work from home, or homeschooling our kids, or using FaceTime more often; it’s about acknowledging our fears without allowing them to consume our thoughts.

This week, we’ll hear from a woman who lives in Madrid—including what the response to the pandemic looks like there—and learn tips for thriving through COVID-19. But we’ll also learn about women of the Renaissance, delve into the history of personality tests, and get a glimpse of one reader's charming kitchen nook. In other words: we don’t intend to ignore the virus in the world outside, but we’re looking for flowers, too.

What are the flowers, figurative or literal, in your life this week? Let us know here