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“It was nice to do something that felt normal.” It’s a phrase I’m finding myself repeating a lot these days.

We all can agree, there is little that is “normal” about our new day-to-day lives. Something that has struck me in the past week or so is how I’ve found myself seeking out the more ordinary moments of life before COVID-19 struck. A weekday trip to the grocery store, a drive in my car, chores around my apartment—these everyday tasks were barely noticeable and even sometimes a bit annoying to me just a few weeks ago, before things like social distancing, stay-at-home orders, and pandemic were facts of our everyday lives. But today, they bring hope and relief amidst my new everyday rhythm.

Last night, President Trump announced what many of us expected—he’s recommending extended social distancing guidelines through April 30. A month is a long enough amount of time to establish a new routine, and it’s short enough to cultivate patient expectation for a return to “normal” life.

This week at Verily, we’re continuing to give you reminders of the normal life we hope to return to later this spring. We have a piece about the benefits of a skincare routine, suggestions for “shopping” your closet for spring, and a poignant essay about managing infertility and a career.

We also are offering some reflections on how to find meaning, fun, and maybe some new habits to add to your routine now—and perhaps to continue when social distancing norms lift. We have a piece on subscription services that are offering free trials during this time of quarantine, a reflection on how to stay connected to the world when the news is overwhelming, and a playlist to take with you on your daily walk.

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