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We at Verily strive to be a women’s media source that lifts women above the negativity that has a habit of surrounding us. Some mornings we might be overcoming negativity from a bad night of sleep or a health condition; other times it’s a messy living space or full inbox; or it could be that our self-image or one of our relationships is suffering and needs some attention.

This week at Verily our articles engage with some serious cultural issues affecting women in negative ways. In a long-form piece, Grace Emily Stark documents a social shift that is increasingly questioning the impact of the Pill and hormonal contraceptives on women’s health. Drawing from the recently published book This is Your Brain on Birth Control, Stark cites some of the wide-ranging ways synthetic hormones affect women’s experiences and some natural alternatives women are seeking for hormonal balance and pregnancy prevention. We also feature a Dating Unscripted column in which a reader shares her encounter with a mean post-date text—negativity she never deserved—and how she grew from the experience. In addition this week, we feature a commentary piece on the cultural implications of the Harvey Weinstein trial, including our perceptions of women who report rape and sexual assault accusations.

As always we hope you read and enjoy our offerings this week. If you like them, please consider sharing on social media! And if they bring up any thoughts—positive or critical—we’d love to hear them; they just might end up in our Letters to the Editor section.