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We all have them—ordinary moments that feel a bit more extraordinary.

It could be a moment when a mindset shift helped you understand your past or future a bit more clearly. It could be an adventure (even one in your own town!) that was just plain fun. It might be a conversation or shared laugh with a loved one. Or it could be adding a touch more beauty to your home by framing a picture, buying a new candle, or fresh flowers. It’s any moment that feels a bit more valuable that it seems at first.

We’ve given these moments a name—#VerilyMoment—because they are truly the building blocks for an authentic and well-lived life.

#VerilyMoment has 1.4 million posts and counting on Instagram, and everyday in our Verily Daily email we include one of those posts to inspire and motivate women. Here’s a round-up of some of our selections from this month. 

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