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This past week, I found myself in a sometimes-stressful but not unusual situation: I was awaiting an evening phone call. But today, for some reason, this slightly high-pressure phone call felt like the last thing that I wanted to do. As the day wore on and the time got closer and closer (why did I schedule a phone call at 7:45 p.m.?), I felt the stress of this one to-do list item threatening to take over an otherwise unremarkable day. My totally irrational nerves were clouding my perspective.

But, as the time got closer, I had an idea. I rummaged around under my bed and found my watercolor paints and a pad of paper, filled a jar with water, and set out my brushes and paper towels. I lit a few candles and set to work, and when the call finally came in, I was engrossed in my work—watching colors wash across the page. I kept painting while talking, letting the physical reality of brush on paper ground me in the present moment, and felt my worries dissipate.

When our minds threaten to run away with us, sometimes the best thing we can do is come back in touch with physical reality, whether by taking an outdoor walk, making art, or putting together a delicious dinner. This week we’ll explore the joys of staying grounded, whether through an intentional practice like culinary therapy, a regular habit like an evening beauty routine, or in the long term with a thoughtful wardrobe.

Let us know what you’re thinking about—from the worries that plague your mind to the ways you bring yourself back to reality—here