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When it comes to my hair and makeup, I’m a creature of habit. I enjoy the ready-to-face-the-day feeling I get from a simple daily beauty routine, but I’ve never been one to spend a lot on beauty products or jump into the latest trends.

It wasn’t until recently that I began experimenting a little more with different styles and tools, from mastering messy buns to exploring the colorful world of cosmetic sponges. Along the way, I’ve discovered more than just how-to’s. I happened upon a lovely little corner of the internet populated by uplifting beauty bloggers, Instagrammers, and vloggers. These women share their insights in a relatable, everyday sort of way that feels personable and doable.

If you’re looking for tried-and-true techniques, new ideas to add to your routine, or simply a little inspiration, here are a few women worth following.

Kate Bryan // The Small Things Blog

Kate Bryan, a mom of three living in North Carolina, covers a wide variety of topics at her blog The Small Things. Her tutorials on hair and makeup are easy to follow, and she has a mellow, relaxed delivery style that makes her feel like a friend giving advice. Her outfit ideas are easy to emulate with items a lot of us probably have in our closets—I would describe them as “everyday chic.” Beyond beauty content, she provides recipes, hosting tips, and more. She does do a lot of product recommendations and #ads, but her presentation comes across as sincere rather than pushy, and she’s selective in what she endorses.

She’s active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram—her Twitter account and Facebook account are strictly blog content, while her Instagram regularly features more personal posts, along with blog content.

Melissa Cook // Missy Sue

Whether you love trying new hairstyles or simply love looking at them, Missy Sue has you covered. Though many of her dos look rather ambitious, she breaks them down step-by-step in video form. She also drops in the occasional makeup tutorial, usually for different special events or holidays. One thing I appreciate about her feed is that it’s free from ads and products, and every post is a good dose of, “Oh, that’s pretty!” She doesn’t get too personal—there’s a little bit of mystery about her, and in an age of oversharing, I find her privacy refreshing.

She’s currently most active on Instagram and Facebook, and she also has a book.

Allie Glines 

If you just want to know how (or how well) a product works, Allie Glines is a good go-to. She does lots of tutorials and product reviews, and she regularly features drugstore makeup finds. Her commentary is helpful and lighthearted, and her style has a touch of glam. She’s also great about sharing exactly which products she uses for each step of her tutorials. So if you’re looking for something new, or just want a little guidance on navigating the makeup aisle, she’s a fun and helpful person to follow.

She uploads new content to her YouTube channel a few days a week, and she’s active on Instagram and Twitter.

Annie Pierce // Annie’s Forget Me Knots

For hair inspiration paired with the everyday joys of motherhood, Annie Pierce is a pleasant person to follow. She does YouTube hair tutorials for long hair, short hair, and even little girls’ hair. Though she doesn’t post her tutorials as regularly as some of the other vloggers out there, the ones she does have are great—she’s a reminder that it’s quality that counts, not quantity.

If you only want her hair content, YouTube is the place to go. Her Instagram has some hair posts, but it’s mostly positive, upbeat moments from her everyday life and the adventure of raising five children.