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Fall has so much to offer: crisp weather, football, gorgeous foliage, cozy soups and chili, and all things pumpkin. But the best thing about fall might just be the season’s fashion. Between the exquisite textures, patterns, and colors available to work with in the fall, it’s no wonder that so many women love fashion this time of year.

Of course, the patterns and textures are beautiful in and of themselves, but the fact that you can mix and match them so seamlessly is what makes fall the best season for fashion. This makes it easy to create a capsule wardrobe for fall because you can pair almost any of the items together. You don’t have to think too much about what goes with what. The natural-hued and jewel-toned colors of camel, navy, olive, burgundy, white, black, mustard yellow, gray, French blue, and burnt orange, all in thick and interesting textures, allow you to pair almost any pattern or article of clothing without thinking twice.

Here’s a plan for a 13-piece capsule wardrobe inspired by the most magical season of the year. Many of these pieces are probably already in your closet!


Corduroy skirt

Skinny blue jeans

Skinny black pants


Cream sweater

White button-up shirt

Striped T-shirt (white with jewel tones—navy, olive, red, burgundy)

Black T-shirt or turtleneck


Plaid tweed blazer

Wool camel coat

Olive anorak jacket


Chunky scarf

Dark or jewel-toned neckerchief


Leather loafers or ankle boots

With only these 13 pieces, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started, all made up of pieces in the capsule:

Cream sweater, plaid tweed blazer, black pants, leather shoes

Just swap out black pants for blue jeans and add a silk neckerchief and you have a new look!

Cream sweater, plaid tweed blazer, skinny blue jeans, silk neckerchief, leather shoes

Black top, skinny blue jeans, wool camel coat, leather shoes

Trade your skinny blue jeans for black pants, and it’s a totally different outfit. You can add a chunky scarf or silk neckerchief for added dimension.

Black top, black pants, wool camel coat, leather shoes (optional: scarf or neckerchief)

Cream sweater, silk neckerchief, black pants, leather shoes

Plaid tweed blazer, corduroy skirt, white button-down or black top

Olive anorak jacket, striped T-shirt, skinny blue jeans, chunky scarf, leather shoes

Olive anorak jacket, white button-down underneath pink sweater (the cream sweater from your capsule would work just as well here!), corduroy skirt, leather shoes

Cream sweater over white button-down, corduroy skirt, leather shoes

Wool camel jacket, striped T-shirt (can put over white button-down), corduroy skirt, leather shoes

Black turtleneck, plaid tweed blazer, black pants, leather shoes

The outfits can be worn to work, out to dinner, to brunch, to the local cider mill, and anywhere else the fall takes you! And you aren’t just limited to the outfits shown here—there are even more combinations you can come up with on your own. If you add in your own accessories or swap out the leather boots for Keds or flats, you’ve completely changed an outfit. With this capsule wardrobe, you’ll get an impressive cost-per-wear for any piece you do invest in. As counterintuitive as it seems, with fewer items via a capsule wardrobe, gone are the days of wondering, “What do I wear?” With only these 13 pieces hanging in your closet, the possibilities are endless.