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Is it just me, or does it get harder and harder to focus as the summer wanes? School vibes begin to fill the air (and the store aisles), and August calendars begin to fill and spill over into September. But the heat and sunshine seep inside despite the best efforts of AC units and blackout curtains. Part of me wants to buckle down, start a 2019-2020 planner, and pick out my favorite flannel shirts, but another part of me wants to have picnics in the sunshine and get the last few wears out of my summer sandals.

For those of us with jobs, however, work still needs to be done, and for those of us in school, it’s just about time to buckle down. Here’s a playlist for when you need all the assistance of classical music’s famous focus-boosting properties. Despite the hype, I’ve had a hard time finding the right classical music for getting work done—they tend to be overenthusiastic (do I really need that much drama while filling out spreadsheets?) or snooze-inducing. Here’s an upbeat selection to keep your momentum going, a solid hour of focus when you can’t get it any other way. Close the curtains, turn up the tunes, and power through—then, when the work is done, go outside!