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There’s something about summer that feels like a new beginning. Whether it’s nostalgia for the grade-school days when summer was one vast expanse of languor and sunshine, or the new wardrobe and new (outdoors) lifestyle that comes with warm temperatures, I tend to approach this season with a feeling of great potential. But that excitement is usually mixed with nostalgia for whatever I’m moving on from, as well—a school year, an old house (May is “National Moving Month,” after all!), or even a friend or two jetting off on new adventures.

That mood of nostalgia and newness is exactly what the indie scene is nailing right now. A new album by Hozier winkingly titled “Wasteland, Baby!” combines catchy melodies and a gospel choir sound with moody lyrics and unusual musical effects. The upbeat new Vampire Weekend album “Father of the Bride” is a strangely cheery spin on themes like loneliness and confusion. And tantalizing singles by The National and The Lumineers leave us wondering: what else does this summer have in store?