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If you’re anything like me, mornings can be a tough time. As a recovering night-owl, I’ve learned that although your body might wake up at 5:45 AM, your mind still needs a slow transition to full wakefulness. In the world of 24-hour media, podcasts and early morning news shows often leave me mentally or emotionally drained before work. There’s plenty of time for that throughout the rest of my day. If you’re the same way, having a good playlist of music is a great way to warm up your mind as you’re preparing for the day.

In this playlist, you’ll find a mellow and relaxing start to your day. I like my morning playlists to mirror my growing energy— a light crescendo, starting with mild tones and eventually rocking to the steady energy I wish to have by 8 AM. But fear not the shuffle button— no song on this list goes too hard. The acoustic instruments and moody voices of this morning playlist are sure to make the (sometimes) cold reality of mornings just a little bit easier.