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Halloween is one of the best times of year to really showcase your creative side. I believe it’s possible to piece together a costume that’s super creative, fashion-forward, and still fun, even at the last minute! A tall order for a Halloween costume, I know, but it can be done.

If the inspiration isn’t flowing yet for you, I’ve rounded up four easy costume ideas that take mere minutes to put together from your closet or a friend’s closet. And in case you need to track down a few items or get some inspiration, I’ve included some recommendations below. Happy Halloween!

Mary Poppins

A super classy costume choice. You’ll need a white button-down shirt, a knee length black skirt, a red bow tie, red lipstick, black tights, booties, an umbrella, and a big purse. Fun sidebar: Did you know that the new Mary Poppins movie is out this Christmas season (December 18)get excited!

Items to make your outfit:

Shirt / Skirt / Booties / Tights / Neck Scarf / Umbrella / Red Lipstick

Troop Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, what a thrill!

I won’t lie, this is my favorite costume idea and the one I'll probably end up wearing. Who didn’t love watching re-runs of Troop Beverly Hills? It’s a total classic and a cinch to pull off. All you’ll need is a white button-down or khaki shirt, a khaki blazer, and skirt or shorts. If you can track down a pair of tall dark green socks and a neck-tie from your guy friend’s closet, you’re practically there. To complete the look, don’t forget to grab a box of cookies from your pantry.

Items to make your outfit:

Blazer / Skirt / Shirt / Beret / Tall Socks / Sneakers / Bandana

Rosie the Riveter

The original real-life Wonder Woman. The costume is a classic standby when you’re in a bind as it only requires four items: red lipstick, a chambray or white button-up shirt, jeans (high-waist would be ideal), and a red bandana. Done and done.

Items to make your outfit:

Chambray Shirt / High Waist Jeans / Red Bandana / Red Lipstick

Hawaiian Punch

Nothing gets me more than a costume based on a funny word-play. Dig into your dad’s closet and snag one of his cheesy Hawaiian shirts and add a pair of jogger pants. Now, you’ll need a pair of boxing gloves; I've linked to a pair that are under $50, but your Goodwill is probably a better choice, since you don't want to spend too much on something you'll never use again—unless your brother wants to be Rocky Balboa next year? If not, after Halloween, you can donate the gloves to a local boxing gym.

Items to make your outfit:

Hawaiian Shirt / Joggers / Thermal Shirt / Sneakers / Boxing Gloves / Headband / Pink Lipstick

Quick Tips for Staying Warm

Depending on what part of the country you’re in, October 31 can be a pretty cold day. Below are some pro-tips for keeping warm in your costume:

  • Carry Hand Warmers: Hand warmers are sold at most drugstores. They are usually shaken, snapped, or bent in half to activate the heat. Pop them in your pockets or put them in your shoes to keep your body warm throughout the evening. My favorite are Hot Hands, they heat up fast and in my experience stay hot for up to eight hours.
  • Hidden Layers: Make use of your yoga pants, Under Armour, or Spanx to add another layer of warmth under your costume. You can also wear non-bulky thermals under your costume, like this one.
  • Wear A Wig: If your costume calls for a wig and you can find a great one, do it. A wig keeps heat trapped on top of your head, like a hat.