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Can someone please tell me where the “You can’t wear white after Labor Day” rule even came from? I need to introduce this person to the pure amazingness that is “winter white.” Frankly, it is time to leave this supposed faux-pas in the past. I’m happy to say, you can and should wear white after Labor Day. Here’s how …

White Denim

Remember the pair of white denim jeans or your white denim jacket from the summer? Never pack them away—ever. White denim actually works as a year-round essential that can be worn with other pieces as the perfect neutral.

Try this:

 White Camisoles

Another way to wear white into the fall is to wear a white silk or satin camisole, which slips easily under a cardigan or blazer or even an itchy sweater.

Try this:

Black + Brown Accents

To counter the summertime vibe of wearing white, add black and brown accents. You can achieve this by pairing a classic white dress or skirt with leopard flats (my favorite statement item!), leather loafers, tweed mules, or suede booties

Try this:

Rich Fall Hues

Update white clothing with a leather belt, suede or plaid jacket, scarf, or cardigan in rich fall hues like burgundy, camel, dark green, mustard yellow, or brown, to set an autumnal tone.

Try this:


Wear cream, ivory, or off-white together for an effortless monochromatic look. Tip: Dressing monochromatically is the easiest way to make your outfit seem more expensive. In fact, the less colors you wear the more sophisticated you will look.

Try this: