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Name: Morgan Rollinson

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Tell us about your favorite spot in your home. Why is it your favorite spot?

Morgan 1

A tiny yellow house in a historic part of Raleigh, North Carolina is where my husband, our black Labrador, and I have made our home. Tucked into one of the smaller rooms of the house is my art studio—where I pull long nights and early mornings pursuing the art career I've dreamed about since childhood. I love this space because we have dubbed it my corner to create, and therefore I have the freedom to drip paint on the floors, hang paintings on the walls, and leave my works in progress wherever I please.

Is there a particular story about how this spot came to be arranged/decorated the way it is? Are there any particular pieces that have significant history?

Morgan 2

The plaster walls are painted a light creamy color called "Chocolate Froth" and the original hardwood floors creak around me as I paint. Our neighbors tell us this space has been a baby nursery, a room for brothers' bunk beds during the seventies, and even home to a pet pig in the 1950s!

While we've devoted most of the space to my art, my husband works mostly from home at a corner desk, and I love that he and I get to spend so much time together while also getting work done.

Have there been particularly inspiring or moving moments in this corner of your home, or, is there a particular feeling you get when you are in this space in your house?


Waking up early to paint on a quiet Saturday morning when the morning sun shines through the windows in this space and my dog lies at my feet brings me a particular kind of peace and happiness that few things can rival.

Editor's Note: Check out Morgan's Instagram feed for some of the beautiful art that's come out of this charming studio. Thanks for sharing, Morgan!

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