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When you're at your desk, rifling for a pen, Post-its, or a pair of scissors is taking more of your time and productivity than you think. The American Psychological Association cites research that suggests our productivity is cut by as much as 40 percent due to the time it takes us just to switch between tasks. And a Princeton University study uncovered that physical clutter increases stress and limits your ability to focus. Luckily, there is an easy fix.

Smartphones have replaced the Rolodex, and laptops have replaced handwritten letters, but there's one staple office item that hasn't gone digital over the decades (and probably never will): the desk organizer. Treat yo self to one of the chic organizers below, and never waste time fumbling around for your cute brass binder clips again.

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Bigso Hexagold Stockholm Desktop Organizer // Container Store, $15

Frisco Desktop Organizer // Container Store, $14

Acrylic Desktop Mail Center // Container Store, $28

Lacquer Office Accessories - Antique Silver // West Elm, $12–$29

Saddle Ring Desk Collection // Anthropologie, $28–$148

Codify Pencil Holder // Anthropologie, $48

Large Hand Carved Wood Gianna Desk Organizer // World Market, $40

Mirror and Metal Annabella Desk Organizer // World Market, $40