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You may have heard of Australian transplant Jasmine Garnsworthy on any number of top lifestyle websites. Or perhaps you’ve stumbled across her impeccably curated Instagram feed that delivers a peek into her stylish NYC life. But what Garnsworthy has really earned Girl Boss status for is her own natural skin care line, The Buff.

What first started out as a simple solution for her own skin concerns has now turned into a full-on face and body line that custom blends oils to suit customers’ specific skin concerns. The Buff has earned so much attention in its first year that it even landed in Urban Outfitters this summer.

We caught up with Garnsworthy to learn all about her approach to natural beauty and to find out what exactly she’s turning to each day to keep her skin looking so ’gram-worthy.

Her Beauty Philosophy:

“I believe there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to effective skin care. It’s why I created The Buff—to tailor blend to our customers’ exact needs. My motto is skin over makeup, and since [I’m] using natural ingredients to deal with my breakouts and acne scars, I also choose clean over synthetic ingredients. I never want makeup to transform what I look like, so I simply look for beauty products that can make my skin as fresh, dewy, and healthy as possible. At The Buff, I want to move the conversation forward with a more real, less glossy interpretation of ‘beauty.’”

Her Routine:

Daytime: “Mornings are more about loading up on nourishing, beauty-boosting foods than following an intense skin care regimen. Right now I’m into green bowls (spinach, kale, avocado, halloumi, mushroom, and a boiled egg), followed by a spinach and banana smoothie. Great skin starts with how you fuel your body.

“After breakfast, I wash my face and apply a couple drops of The Buff facial oil (normally something based on jojoba oil). Once it’s absorbed, I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF from Peter Thomas Roth or bareMinerals and some mascara, brush up my brows, and go.”

Nighttime: “At night I take off my makeup with an oil pre-cleanser—it just dissolves makeup!—and follow with a regular cleanser and diluted apple cider vinegar instead of a typical toner. Sometimes I’ll swipe on a hyaluronic acid serum or a naturally derived lactic acid serum, which I follow with some more facial oil from The Buff. If my skin feels congested, I’ll use May Lindstrom’s charcoal face mask for fifteen minutes first. I lather my body in oil too when I step out of the shower to prevent stretch marks and to fade scars.”

Her Beauty Bag:

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Her Products:

The Buff Customized Face Oil ($40)

“I alternate between a simple jojoba oil blend and a more active, essential oil-laden formula that really helps to rejuvenate cells and deal with fine lines, uneven skin tone, breakouts, and scars. All of The Buff’s face oils are customized to specific complexion concerns.”

May Lindstrom The Problem Solver Charcoal Mask ($100)

“I use this mask every couple of weeks or whenever my pores are feeling congested. It’s a dry mask, and you add water just before application. Most face mask products contain water, in which harmful microbes can breed, but the fact [that] May Lindstrom’s charcoal mask is dry means it can safely contain no preservatives.”

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

“Right, so this technically isn’t a beauty product, but it should be. I heavily dilute ACV most nights and use it as a toner and find it really helps to manage my breakouts.”

One Over One Base Glow ($42)

“One Over One’s Base Glow illuminator is a shortcut to dewy, radiant skin. I blend it across my cheekbones and eyelids for a very subtle glow. It’s also made from natural and organic ingredients, which I love.”

The Buff Beauty Booster in Frankincense ($12)

“I add this Beauty Booster before applying my serum or moisturizer to make it ultra-potent. A couple of drops can help speed up cell renewal, which I’ve found super-helpful in dealing with acne scars and dull skin.”