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With the return of maximalist styles, we are noticing a resurgence of embroidered bohemian clothes. As lovers of anything feminine, we’re all about it. One item in particular has been skyrocketing in popularity among the vintage shopping community and has our own hearts all aflutter. Often labeled as the Hungarian, Romanian, Mexican, or Ukrainian embroidered blouse, these intricate handmade beauties are designed with extreme care and workmanship. The fit of the shirt is breezy and lightweight, and the embroidery typically features vibrantly threaded flowers around the neckline, sleeves, and hem.

Karyn, owner of the popular Etsy shop Dethrose Vintage, makes a point to find vintage embroidered blouses, and they sell just as soon as she posts them!

The blouse clearly has its roots in Hungarian, Romanian, and Mexican cultures, but it gained worldwide popularity in the 1940s when women everywhere began falling in love with the blouse’s detailed beauty. Luckily it’s possible to make these retro beauties relevant for 2017—they look equally good dressed up with a pencil skirt or down with jeans.

Are you wondering where you can get your own? We scoured Etsy for the best embroidered vintage blouses, just for you!

Can’t get enough? Check out some more one-of-a-kind pieces below.