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It was a long, cold, dry winter, and while the humid weather has our skin feeling much more dewy, our hair is still lacking moisture. Before you reach for chemical-based products to revive your brittle locks, take a peek inside your kitchen cabinets and fridge for some truly nourishing ingredients.

Pro tip: Always wash your hair with clarifying shampoo before you treat it so that you remove any oil or products. Water opens up hair cuticles for maximum absorption, so leave your hair damp.

Coconut Oil // for Dull Hair

We’ve all heard about the healing hair powers of coconut oil, so let’s just get this one out of the way. Coconut oil is great for the hair (not so much for the face), so keep a jar in your cabinet. Chock-full of healthy fatty acids that strengthen hair protein, coconut oil is one of the only oils that can penetrate through the outer layer of your hair and condition from the inside. Plus, the silky oil seals the ends of your hair and smooths the cuticles for that much-desired glossy finish. Over time, regular use of coconut oil in your hair can make it stronger and more flexible.

How to Use It:

  • Buy extra-virgin, unrefined coconut oil.
  • Scoop out 3 to 5 tablespoons into a pot over a stove flame to liquify (microwaving destroys the nutrients).
  • Pour into a bowl and allow it to cool so that it’s warm and doesn’t burn you.
  • Optional: Mix with other nutritive ingredients such as honey, olive oil, or banana.
  • Massage into scalp and evenly distribute through damp hair, down to the tips.
  • Leave on hair for as long as possible—20 minutes minimum.
  • Wash out with shampoo. You may need to lather twice!

Banana + Honey // for Damaged Hair

We all know that bananas, which contain potassium, healthy carbs, and vitamins, are great for our physical health. But did you know they’re also great for your hair? These same nutrients can repair damaged hair by sending vitamins B6, C, and biotin straight into your locks. The natural oils also help soften hair and protect it from from split ends. Adding honey to your banana mask will help liquify the mixture for easy application and also add a boost of moisture. Honey is a natural humectant and emollient, meaning it locks in and seals moisture, which reduces breakage (and makes it super-shiny). Honey also has antiseptic properties, which can calm scalp irritation from eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff.

How to Use It:

  • Buy raw or wild honey without added sugars.
  • Blend or puree 1 to 2 ripe bananas to avoid pulpy clumps.
  • Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey to the blended banana and mix well.
  • Massage mixture into damp hair.
  • Leave in hair for as long as possible—20 minutes minimum. Use shower cap or Saran Wrap if drippy.
  • Wash out with shampoo (twice if still sticky).

Avocado + Eggs // for Weak Hair

Once again, the food that nourishes our bodies is also great for the hair. Did you know that hair is 70 percent keratin protein? When hair is dry or damaged, it becomes porous and in need of a protein boost. Eggs are high in proteins, so applying them to your hair will help replace any lost protein. Avocados are also famous for being great for your hair because of their high vitamins B and E content, which are essential for hair growth. Plus, the natural oils found in avocados will add lots of moisture and shine!

How to Use It:

  • Cut one ripe avocado in half. You should only need one half, but if your hair is long, use the whole thing.
  • Use one egg per avocado half being used.
  • Mix contents in a bowl until whipped. Add a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil if you need to liquify it more.
  • Apply evenly from roots to tips.
  • Leave on for 30 to 45 minutes. Use plastic shower cap or Saran Wrap to prevent dripping if needed.
  • Wash with lukewarm water to avoid cooking the eggs into your hair. Double lather if necessary.

Olive Oil // for Dry Hair

The best thing about this hair hack is that almost everyone has a bottle of olive oil in their kitchen cabinet. Olive oil absorbs directly into the hair cuticle, allowing for its vitamins A and E contents to moisturize and strengthen the hair. How? Vitamin A encourages healthy sebum production on the scalp, which ultimately prevents breakage, while vitamin E fights free radicals that weigh down hair. The nutrients and unsaturated fats also help to seal in moisture, making hair super-soft and manageable.

How to Use It:

  • Warm up olive oil in pan over a flame.
  • Apply from root to tip, massaging your scalp to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Leave on for as long as possible—30 minutes minimum. Use plastic shower cap or Saran Wrap to prevent dripping.
  • Wash hair as usual. Double lather if necessary.

Beer + Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse // for Flat Hair

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Beer contains a ton of yeast—which contains protein. When applied to the hair, it fills in any weak spots on each strand, plumping it up. It will strengthen your hair structure while giving you some volume. Apple cider vinegar also helps clarify your hair, meaning it breaks up any excess residue from your products without stripping your hair’s natural oils. ACV is also known to smooth down your hair cuticles and reduce hair porosity caused by environmental damage.

How to Use It:

  • Open up a bottle of beer; we recommend an organic one, which will have less preservatives.
  • Let 1 cup of beer sit for 45 minutes until it’s flat.
  • Mix in 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar.
  • Wash your hair as usual and squeeze out excess water.
  • Pour the beer and ACV mixture over your entire head, aiming to completely saturate it.
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse hair.

Photo Credit: Hannah Morgan