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There are few things in life as refreshing as waking from a good night’s sleep. And yet there are so many factors that make that simple satisfaction a rare treat, rather than a regular pleasure. Factors like the atmosphere in your room, how late you stay up, what you did the hours before you hit the hay, and even the condition of your bed all have the potential to interfere with clocking your most potent zzz’s.

While we love our OSO mattress, sleeping better doesn’t have to mean drastic changes. If you’re not getting the rest you crave, try these simple hacks to make your sleep headquarters more conducive to get better sleep.

01. It May Be Time for a Flip

The Better Sleep Council suggests the typical lifespan of a mattress is seven years. A comfy mattress isn’t necessarily a functional one. If you’re waking up achy or tired, or if you slept better somewhere else (say, a hotel), it may be time to consider a change.

Not ready to shell out the dough for a new mattress? The Better Sleep Council also recommends periodically rotating your mattress “from end to end and from top to bottom,” unless the care instructions state otherwise. If you need to clean your mattress, vacuum it. Stay away from chemical spot removers that could damage the materials and treat stains with mild soap and cold water instead. Taking care of your mattress is like priming yourself for a better night’s sleep. The better you care for it, the better it’ll care for you.

02. Your Bed Only Has Two Purposes

Especially in a small living situation, it can be easy to let your bed double as a couch or a desk chair. But studies reveal watching TV or working in bed confuses your brain. Your mind adapts to expect stimulation from climbing into bed rather than powering down. You’ve heard it before, and it’s not going away: Keep the screens out of the bedroom to get better sleep. The Better Sleep Council experts recommend reserving your bed for two purposes: “sleep and sex.” Anything else should happen elsewhere.

03. Fresh Sheets, Deep Sleep

One time, I slept so well away from home that I was convinced my husband and I needed a new bed. A week later, I realized I just needed clean sheets to get a better sleep. In a public opinion poll by the National Sleep Foundation, the majority of respondents said that comfortable bedding is important for a good night’s sleep. Most also said they slept well when their sheets had a fresh scent.

Laundering your sheets at least once a week in hot water is good for your health, too. A good cleaning kills unwelcome guests that may live in your bedding, like athlete’s foot and dust mites—microscopic creatures that feed on dead skin cells and whose excrement can make it difficult to breathe, and thus, sleep well. As for scent, having clean sheets every night isn’t possible, so try a natural linen spray with a scent that calms you (lavender is a good place to start).

04. An Excuse to Buy Seasonal Bedding

Raise your hand if you swap your bedding with the seasons. Yeah, neither did we. But for warmer months, it's wise to choose sheets made of natural fibers like 100 percent cotton or bamboo in a light weight and light color for a cooler sleep. Our body temperature decreases while we sleep, and hastening the process can help you fall asleep more quickly. This can create a deeper and more restorative sleep. Save heat-retaining sheets made of silk, fleece, or synthetic fibers for cooler weather.

A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a luxury. Recharging is a natural and essential part of being human. The more we respect and honor that by night, the more productive and joyful we’ll be by day.

Photo Credit: West Elm