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Over the past week, we invited you, our readers, to embrace your boldest shades of red lipstick as a symbol of feminine strength for the #VerilyRedLipChallenge. We were blown away by your responses—stories of confidence, growth, empowerment, sassiness, courage, and more.

We’re all about bringing women together to share experiences and to build one another up. Below you can see what your fellow readers and the winners of the #VerilyRedLipChallenge had to say about the power of a beautiful red lip. Like Lisa, who feels braver as a mom thanks to her confident crimson. Or Tess, who feels connected to the love shared between her grandparents when she dons a swipe of ruby red.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Here’s to encouraging women everywhere to embrace their femininity and strength in the simplest and loveliest of ways!

The Winners!