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There are a lot of good things to say about ugly sweater parties during the holiday season. For one thing, it's a rare moment in which function wins out over fashion when getting ready to go out (thank you, layers!). Not to mention the fact that the tacky attire provides easy conversation starters. But it can also make finding the good guy to talk to a little hard to pick out from the crowd.

But while "well-dressed" may not be apparent in this setting, you can still spot all the important things in a man. At your next ugly sweater party, look out for these five qualities that make even the most questionably dressed guy a total dreamboat.

01. He attends to you.

When you come across a guy who really attends to you, as in cell phone away and no scanning the room, it's like a breath of fresh air. When a man gives you his undivided attention it makes you feel special, but it's also a good sign that this guy knows how to treat, not just a woman, but people in general.

02. He points his feet toward you.

Body language can provide a trove of information about the people we interact with every day. When it comes to chatting it up with a guy, his body can tell you whether or not he has the wherewithal to treat you like a woman—and not just one of the guys. If a guy's shoulders are facing you and his feet are pointed toward you, it means he is trying to make a good impression and connect with you man to woman. If he is chatting with you while facing outward, standing more side by side with you than face-forward, then he is doing what dudes do when they want to talk, and he is missing the boat.

03. He asks you questions.

Nothing is more attractive than a guy who asks you lots of questions about yourself. For starters, it's a welcome relief from your typical one-sided conversation, but it also shows that this guy is interested and wants to understand you better. A guy who actually pursues you? Is it hot in here, or is it just all the sweaters?

04. He listens.

We all know the type who asks you a question just so they can use it as a jumping off point to talk about themselves. Yeah, well, the guy you want doesn't do that. This guy will listen to what you have to say and won't interrupt you (well, maybe by accident because he was excited about something you said). Not only is this just really respectful behavior, but this skill is also especially desirable should you get into a relationship. Listening well, without reacting or interrupting, makes him a conflict management pro.

05. He empathizes with you.

It may be unlikely that you open up about your feelings with a guy you just met, but you never know, the conversation could evolve into something deeper if you're both willing to go there. A lot of men may withdraw a little and change the subject when things get real. But a guy who's got mad empathy skills will say something thoughtful and kind. It's moments like this that separate the men in ugly sweaters from the man you should date.

Photo Credit: Alexa Fernando