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As the holiday party invitations start coming in, one of the first things we think is: “What will I wear?” The key to finding a new outfit in your own closet, so as to save your money, is to put together items you normally wouldn’t. You can add all kinds of holiday glamour to your look with the right styling tips.

LBD + Black Tights + Ballet Flats

You probably don’t wear this LBD + black tights ensemble on the reg because it’s a little dressier, but luckily for you, these two pieces create a perfect holiday outfit. The overall look is reminiscent of our younger years, so play up the youthful factor by incorporating sparkling gold accents into your shoes, accessories, and jewelry.

Turtleneck + Statement Necklace + Jeans

If you’re not one to go full-on glam, take comfort in knowing that you can be both comfortable and occasion-appropriate. For the effortlessly chic look, wear your favorite jeans with a turtleneck. To class it up, add a pair of pumps and a statement necklace (worn over the turtleneck).

Flannel + Skirt + Heels //

Is there a better time of the year to wear plaids and flannels? These cozy button-ups aren’t just for jeans. This cute combo might surprise you with its casual-meets-fancy vibe. Simply tuck your favorite flannel into your midi or pencil skirt, and throw on some heels to make it even dressier.