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You and your main squeeze may be tempted to hunker down all winter, but you certainly don’t have to. Brave the elements and treat yourselves to fun dates despite the biting weather. We’ve got three outfits that’ll see you through the chilliest of winter outings. And, we threw in a cozy number because once in a while, we know you need to watch three episodes of Stranger Things in a row.

Ice Skating

A quintessential winter date, ice skating brings out the kid in all of us. Don’t be afraid to wear pretty brights such as this statement coat and fun beret—just be sure to pair them with super-cool neutrals underneath such as a cream sweater and classic skinnies. A thick turtleneck minimizes the need for a scarf, and slip- or zip-on boots make transitioning to and from ice skates way easier.

1. Kohl’s, $17 / 2. Boden, $209 / 3. Madewell, $110 / 4. Nordstrom, $88 (similar) / 5. J.Crew, $125 (similar) / 6. Ann Taylor, $198

1. Kohl’s, $17 / 2. Boden, $209 / 3. Madewell, $110 / 4. Nordstrom, $88 (similar) / 5. J.Crew, $125 (similar) / 6. Ann Taylor, $198

Craft Cocktails 

Cozying up over fancy cocktails in a romantic spot seems tailor-made for a cold night. You can dress accordingly without bulking up. A sleeved dress with a slip underneath and warm tights as well as a quality wool coat should do the trick. Don’t forget to add a little holiday glamour to your getup with a beaded clutch or bejeweled bracelet.

Netflix Binging

For those nights you really can’t bear to go out, you can still look put-together while wearing what feels like pajamas. A long cotton or jersey tunic with cozy fleece-lined leggings and thick wooly socks are musts. To avoid the full-on pajama look, add a cute headband and earrings.