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For several months now, Netflix has been teasing us with glimpses of the new Gilmore Girls four-episode miniseries, A Year in the Life. On Friday, the full show will finally be here, and we couldn’t be more excited.

It looks like creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is giving fans everything we could hope for from a reunion of these lovable characters nine years after they left our TV screens. If the trailer (along with the excited tweets of the various cast members) is anything to go by, the new miniseries has been made with an exceptional amount of love and enthusiasm.

While the original series was the perfect accompaniment to our teen and college student days, this new installment looks set to resonate perfectly with the evolution of our lives since then. There’s no perfect happily ever after, after all—our career paths, relationships, and sense of personal fulfillment are constantly in a state of unfinished flux. It’s nice to know that Rory and Lorelai are right there with us.

Now seems like the perfect moment to reflect on what exactly makes this show so special. So, in the spirit of the season, here are just seven of the many reasons behind a Gilmore Girls fan’s love for this show.

01. It’s the most comforting TV series, ever.

I was introduced to the Gilmore Girls by my big sister after my first real case of heartbreak at college. Since then I've come to realize that this is the most appropriate introduction to the series, because it is the kind of show you want to watch when you've had a bad day and just need some ice cream and some comfort-TV. The show's focus on the importance of close female bonds makes it perfect pick-me-up.

02. You’re either a Lorelai or you’re a Rory.

When a Gilmore Girls fan thinks of pretty much any friendship, they know whether they're the Lorelai or the Rory in the relationship. As a pretty typical introvert–extrovert pair, they both have their flaws and strengths just like all of us, and their relationship reminds us that we need to empathize with each other and learn from each other's strengths.

03. Low budget, low schmudget.

Remember that time Lorelai goes to Paris with Christopher and they basically stay inside the hotel room the whole time, except for a few painfully obvious green-screen moments "in front of the Eiffel tower" and on a "Parisian street corner"? Did the low-production quality and the fact that they were very obviously not in Paris detract from your enjoyment of those scenes? Nope. Absolutely not.

04. We don’t get half of the references, but we laugh anyway.

One of the absolute best things about the show is the sharp, fast-paced dialogue, which is peppered with so many pop culture references that you can watch it and re-watch it time and time again and almost always hear something new. Someone actually counted and apparently throughout the series 339 books are referenced, so if you're so inclined, you could start a Rory Gilmore book club. (Go on, you know you want to.)

05. No one is a stereotype—even people who seem like stereotypes.

In the interests of comedy, several characters in Gilmore Girls are pretty close to being stereotypes—the fussy small-town busybody, Taylor Doose; the uptight conservative mother, Emily; the pushy and emotionally insensitive Paris Geller. But they never actually end up being stereotypes because no matter how obnoxious these characters are, you're never allowed to actually hate them.

Taylor Doose is actually a pretty lonely, insecure man; underneath his desire for control is the sad fact that he doesn't have much else going on in his life other than running the town. Emily turns out to have a pretty open mind, and all she really wants is a good relationship with her daughter and grand daughter, despite all of her judgmental and often tactless comments. Paris may be maniacally ambitious, but underneath her seemingly cruel exterior she actually cares a lot about Rory, and you've got to admire the fact that she truly is her own woman.

06. We want to live in Stars Hollow.

Stars Hollow is the ultimate small American town, with its fairy lights, gazebo, and endless stream of quirky community events. Fans have actually gone on road trips comparing different towns on the East Coast for their Stars Hollow-ness (yup, that's on my bucket-list). The truth is, Stars Hollow doesn't really exist in its full glory, but we all wish it did.

07. Love–hate relationships are real, and they’re good for you.

One of the things I love the most about Gilmore Girls is that throughout the series you get a picture of an eclectic community getting along the best they can, despite plenty of differences and tensions. In many ways, the show is all about family—dealing with tensions in your blood family, and choosing your own "family" the way that Lorelai does when she leaves home to raise Rory by herself as a teen mother. People may argue they seem to hate each other at times, but in the end they make it work. Lorelai and Rory don't live in echo chambers of their own beliefs; their lives are full of "love-hate" relationships, and ultimately the show proves that these kinds of relationships are so important, because they help us to keep an open mind about others.

So, what’s your favorite thing about the show? Comment below to let us know. And, fellow Gilmore Girls fans, make sure you take the four words pledge and don’t spoil the highly anticipated ending for anyone who hasn’t managed to binge watch it all as fast as you. Because oy with the poodles already, amiright?

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