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Stumped on what to get that special someone for Christmas? Want your gift to be utilized rather than collect dust this year? We’ve got the productivity gift guide for you.

The Verily team took this quick quiz from the Harvard Business Review to find out their personal productivity styles: Prioritizer, Arranger, Visualizer, Planner. Different tools work best depending on a person’s preferred productivity style. So we compiled a list of Christmas gifts based on the results!

You can surreptitiously ask your significant other, coworker, boss, sibling, or best friend to take the productivity style quiz (it takes less than five minutes), or you can make observations about their working style to figure out what kind of productivity they gravitate toward. Then check out our list of ideas that hit the nail on the head when it comes to choosing a gift that will keep on giving all year long.

For the Prioritizer

Prioritizers prefer logical, analytical, fact-based, critical and realistic thinking. They are typically time-managing gurus when it comes to prioritizing projects. They strive to meet goals and objectives starting with the highest-value tasks down to the lowest value tasks.

Constructive tools for prioritizers include checklists, notepads, and any gadgets that help streamline the process of completing the tasks ahead of them.

  • Get it Done Tear-Off Notepad: “I still prefer to handwrite my prioritized checklist versus going digital. The playful design of this notepad makes my daily to-do list more bearable!” —Emily B.
  • Zagg Folio: “The keyboard gives me full typing functionality and even preserves some of my favorite shortcut keystrokes for switching between apps. Big bonus: it's a full-wrap cover, so it keeps my iPad safe and I never have to worry if I remembered to bring my keyboard. And it comes in rose gold!” —Kara E.
  • Magic Mouse: “I absolutely love this little guy! Very slim and portable for when I travel or am on the go. I love that it's wireless and the sleek design makes working efficient and effortless. I find it hard to design on a day to day basis without it — definitely, speeds up my productivity!” —Emily B.
  • Great Things Notepad: “A pretty notebook with super defined lines and check boxes so that I can write lists of what I need to do. I have this one and it helps me when I'm extra overwhelmed and busy with tasks.” —Lilly Bozzone
  • Monogrammed Floral Watercolor Mousepad: “Can't work without one! It also adds some color and 'happy' to my desk.” —Emily B.

For the Arranger

Arrangers prefer supportive, expressive, and emotional thinking. They encourage teamwork and utilize their intuition to make timely decisions. They also have a tendency to colorize lists and keep tasks visually comprehensive.

Arrangers love anything that organizes or orders their workspace. Stylish office supplies, and accessories are an Arranger’s best friend.

  • SwissGear Laptop Bag: “This bag is my life! I am always on the go to meetings because I prefer to collaborate and teach in person. This bag keeps me organized with all my creative and organizational tools just an arm's length away.” —Emily S.
  • The Perfect Binder: “I like to draw mind maps and have space to freely brainstorm ideas, so I like that I could collect together a lot of different information in this binder. I also like to make lists and keep things neatly organized, so this provides me with the best of both worlds.” —Sophie C.
  • Office Supply Fastener Set in Corked Jars: “Aesthetically pleasing office supplies!” —Monica M.
  • Cord Tacos: “I love to keep my headphones from tangling in this cute little leather taco! Makes life less stressful and more fun.” —Mary B.
  • Sharpie Pens: “I get myself excited to take on a big project by picking up a nice pen. These are my favorite because of the fun colors and how easy they are to write with.” —Emily S.

For the Visualizer

Visualizers prefer holistic, intuitive, and integrative thinking. They’re known for creativity and innovation, and they can see the big picture while being able to manage and juggle multiple tasks. Visualizers think strategically about projects and work quickly to execute tasks. Like Arrangers, they tend to maintain visual lists, often using color.

Good gifts for a Visualizer include planner or pads where they can brainstorm and make their visions come to life (or anything that can help with their ideal creativity and visualization process).

  • Gold Poppin. Soft-Cover Folio: “I love to use loose-leaf blank paper to sketch out thoughts, which can get a little unruly. I pack everything up in this so that nothing goes astray.” —Kara E.
  • Moleskine 12-Month Planner: “I like this planner because it’s very minimal with lots of writing space. I’ve always been more of a written planner type of gal as opposed to digital calendars.” —Megan M.
  • Kate Spade New York Mint Sticky Note Set: Notes ad infinitum are a must for me as someone who must write down a thought for it to be real. This pretty post-it pack allows for spare thoughts to become pretty additions to my desk rather than a cluttered mess.  —Mary Rose S.
  • Engraved Fine Point Pen: "I'm pretty picky about my pens—I appreciate a nice fine point."  —Megan M.
  • Tabletop File: "I need organization tools to keep my desk clear, and I appreciate pretty ways to do so. A stylish and crisp letter tray or file holder helps keep spare papers from cluttering my visual workspace." —Mary Rose S.

For the Planner

Planners thrive on organized, sequential, planned, and detailed thinking. Though they are similar to Prioritizers, Planners like to indulge in organizing and scheduling even the nitty-gritty details of a project.

The Planner has never met a calendar or project-planning tool that they did not like. Other gift ideas to help streamline their already pristine processes include chic chargers or folders to help the Planners be prepared for whatever changes or surprises comes their way.

  • Wall Calendar: "I'm a detailed planner to a fault but a minimalist in all other areas of my life. So I appreciate that this practical wall calendar can also serve as beautiful art in my office space." —Krizia L.
  • Portable Phone Charger: “My phone is my lifeline to work away from my desk—I think I have a dozen work-related apps that help me schedule tasks and streamline my productivity. I need to know my phone won't die when I'm working on the go, and this extra battery life is cute and practical.” —Emily S.
  • Rules Brass Letter Opener: "Another 2-in-1 tool that the planner fiend in me would love: a ruler/letter opener. Plus, it's so pretty and has a fun reminder that sometimes it's OK to break the rules! —Krizia L.
  • Evernote Premium: “I'm not super tech savvy, but if somebody bought me a planning app for my phone I'd probably be likely to use it (and end up loving it).” —Katie F.
  • Marble File Folders: "The look of marble calms me, so I'd love to manage my documents in style with these file folders with beautiful marble and gold-foiled labels!" —Krizia L.